Blinkist: How To Read A Book in One Uber Ride

This app lets you get cliffnotes for the latest and greatest books to read in 10-20 minutes.

I love to read, but I have a nasty habit of scrolling on my phone contributing to early-onset carpal tunnel. at night

Plus, I have a whole stack of books just waiting to be read and I can never catch up.

In my thirties, I’ve tried much harder to stay informed for one important reason, to be more interesting.

Why do I want to be more I not enough? Hear me out.

  1. I do it for myself (being informed gives you an inherent sense of confidence)
  2. It heightens my social interactions
It never hurts to have an arsenal of soundbites to discuss on dates or impress your boss.

Think of it as a sales trick.

Name dropping a book + one interesting thing you learned from it opens up your world to more conversation.

What blinkist does.

In your next uber, check out Blinkist - a startup that shortens novels into 15-minute reads. They have almost every book you’re curious about (from top sellers like Shoe Dog to any mindfulness or leadership publication). #lifehacks

Try out a free book below with my promo code:

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