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Boss B*tch

This is the most complimented look I wore this summer/fall. Even though it’s cooling down outside, you can still wear this at night.

Insider trends: Biker shorts are already having a big moment in NYC/Paris/London and and will be HUGE next Spring everywhere (they’re just beginning). Pair them with anything really…a big shirt, chunky sweater, or an awesome blazer.

I noticed The Blazer/Belt/No-Shirt look was rocked by many of my fav Instagram influencers. It’s my sexiest thing to wear right now. It’s also the easiest thing to do. Grab a belt, wrap it tight around any blazer, and use bra tape.

Get a similar blazer here ( see more options below) and these biker shorts were literally $5 here. That’s basically FREE for the biggest staple I recommend wearing for the next year. Note: I like the mid-thigh length…do NOT go too short so you can still see them.


Make sure you button the blazer if it’s going too low.  I’ve picked a few favorite blazer options here from Nordstrom all around $100 or so:

Biker Shorts

And again, the $5 biker shorts can be found here and look legit (and good quality) in person.

Basic Black belts

Finally, here are five basic black belts if you don’t have a good one:

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