Neckties, for Spring?! Groundbreaking.

IMG_8612 (2).jpg


Maybe I just made this up, but it’s my new favorite Spring trend.

I was vintage shopping in Brooklyn and found this gorgeous burnt orange/salmon color tie. Without thinking, I just wrapped it around like a scarf and realized it looked good. Maybe I’d rock it?

$20 bucks and the L train later it was mine, and now I’m going to rock more this Spring. Britt xx

P.S. Name the movie where this title comes from!

Similar to shop:

If you want to find similar I’d google “burnt orange tie” or go to a vintage shop and find another good deal. Silk ties can be expensive but you can usually tell the difference between that and fakes.

For a high-end low-end look I think it’s important to invest in high quality blazers, but you can wear budget pants. Here are some faves I found that are similar to this outfit:


Brittany Allyn