The Most Addictive Thing I've ever Smelled

basically, an aphrodisiac.

I'm about to tell you about a scent that men AND women ask me about on a daily basis. People mention it in ubers… come up to me after I walk by. It's little (about 3 x 3 inch) and I never, ever, leave home with it. I take it to the gym (I swear it makes your workout more motivating), dates (duh), dinner, going out (extra duh).

It started with a New York Pilates class. I had a few minutes to spare and started sampling the beauty products on display by the check-in counter. I saw an adorable french looking perfume oil and dabbed it on my wrist.

I was completly, utterly, astonishingly, intoxicated.

The class started and as I moved on the reformer I was s h o c k e d how in love I was with what I was smelling.

But as class finished, I had to rush to a meeting and didn't buy it.

There's something about this smell that when you smell it for the first time, you literally can't stop thinking about it. I know, it sounds nuts. But I thought about this perfume every day for two weeks. Literally, every day. Until finally, I walked 20 minutes to the pilates studio just to by it. You just can’t stop thinking about it.

Like almost all the British men I meet, it was love at first site.

My every day scent.

Each time I pull it out of my purse and ask "who wants an aphrodisiac" my friends rush to put out their wrists.

I dab on Maison Marie Louis No. 4. perfume oil. Bois de Balincourt. I apply it to my wrists, my neck...and sometimes down my chest. Perfume oils actually last longer and mix with your natural pheromones (vs. a spray that fades in a few hours).

The cult following.

If you've ever been to Public Hotel in NYC or know what Santal 33 from Le Labo is, it’s similar THE SAME as that. BUT ONLY $57. The New York Times even wrote an entire article about this exhilarating scent. As they said, this smell is a “cult secret…only detected by those in the know.”

It’s inspired by the forests outside of Paris after a heavy rain.

Why this french brand is badass.

It has roots to 1792. Louis Marie Aubert du Petit Thouars was a pioneer in French botanical history. During the French revolution, he was exiled to Madagascar, La Reunion and the Mauritius islands where he discovered a vast array of plant specimens. Marie du Petit Thouars is a distant relative and created the brand based on her family history and knowledge.

Where you can get it…

It goes in and out of stock at Sephora often stores (the only major retailer that carries it in the US), but try it here. You can also get it straight from the Maison Marie Louis Site here.

Thirty Waves Brittany Allyn



Top Note: sandalwood, cedarwood

Mid Note: vetiver, nutmeg, cinnamon

Base Note: amber wood

Fragrance type: for him or her.

Clean beauty Non Toxic.

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