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There isn't a new face oil, fad, or hair trick I don't know about. My friends have always used me as a resource for knowing what’s cool in general and all things beauty, and now I'm putting ALL OF MY SECRETS in one place. Now that we're 30, we have to step up our game. Exuding class, and taking better care of our bodies. Get thirty-something advice on:

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skin + hair

I have a religious 4-step skin routine. My somewhat obtainable goal is to freeze my skin in time…at least until I'm 40 and can embrace a few wrinkles. I've tried and tested serums, moisturizers, eye creams to find my favorites. Here’s the rundown for my AM/PM anti-aging secrets:

“this is constantly updated and Very current. If I try a new product and love it, I’ll change this list.”


I’ve literally perfected a 10-item makeup bag, and most of it isn’t that expensive. Two of my every day staples (BB Cream and Mascara) come from the drugstore. The others have been recommended by celebrity makeup artist friends. Cliché, but they know their shit. Here is my go-to makeup routine:

"On top of it, my best friend is a celebrity makeup artist... so she's taught me the best tricks."

life favorites

I swear by these. From the most life changing scent you've ever smelled in your life (I call it my aphrodisiac perfume) to my favorite self-improvement book that changed my perspective on love and confidence, here are items in my every day life that help me feel good and stay positive:

“In the uber, walking on the street…men and women are asking about this on a daily basis.”

tricks & hacks

My black book of NYC secrets. I have literally found the best facialist in the city, and she's only $65. I also have favorite workouts and eating tips. I'm definitely not  a health nut (as my bodega man has told me I'm his #1 customer) but I have tips that keep me balanced. Here are my favorite life hacks:

“was a $40 haircut too good to be true? Not until multiple friends tried it and also agreed it was legit.”