dating tips:


"Odds are I've been in your same boat once or twice and am here to help. "


ask me anything

Are your friends/mom/neighbor/bodega man all tired of hearing the same thing. Confused on who to talk to?

Need a woman's opinion on how to keep him/her interested, or know what to do if you feel them pulling away?

I can schedule a 20 minute call (or 4 email exchange) to give dating advice on whatever topic you need. I've never claimed I'm an expert…but with 100+ dates, I can talk you through what not to do to f*ck it up. Odds are I’ve been in your same boat once or twice and am here to help.


  • 20-minute phone call (or 4 email exchange) to chat through any dating topic of your choice (pre-approved via email)

  • Advice from an "unbiased" friend 

  • Ideas on how to date better/get asked out more often

PRICE: $60

Sample topics + Questions

How to ask a girl/guy out?

are they into you, and how do you make the next move?

Need advice for how to ask someone out, or maybe you're confused on what to do next? 

What do I text back?

texting strategy tips

I've been here, one million times. While my typical advice is be your most natural self (act like they are your co-worker on the other line)...I can help assess the situation and craft a text back.

Where to go on a date?

how to plan a thoughtful and unique date

Want advice for a great first (or special date) in the city? I'll help craft ideas and make a plan.