Offline Marketing 

soho house x Chappy x Hello Mr. Pride party 

Using existing audiences is a smart way to get your new brand visible to the right demographic.

I decided to partner with two of the most popular lifestyle brands in NYC (Soho House and Hello Mr. Magazine) to host one the most successful Gay Pride parties of the year. I focused on branding, influencer marketing, and using our PR team to gain buzz around the event. 

Fashion Mob, 2015

Style Lend promoted fashion sustainability by creating the "Airbnb for Your Closet". We were a scrappy startup creating a platform where women shared clothing to make money. To promote the launch of our new app (with a very small marketing budget), we held SF's largest fashion mob titled #thebreakupletter.

We walked through popular streets of San Francisco aiming to empower women's self-esteem; "breaking up" with low self-confidence and supporting one another to "dress, look, and feel better." By using guerilla marketing techniques to attract participants, we stickered and postered the city streets (legally). Bus stops, street poles, coffee shop boards, and bathroom walls were covered in #thebreakupletter. We also used online advertising to create an e-sign up for the walk via 

Fire Island Branded Party

Knowing that Fire Island is an instagrammable hotspot, I designed popular speedos with Chappy's tagline "Mr Right" for our pool party. It was a sold out event with a lot of social media attention along with our biggest KPI, downloads! 

Kiosk Advertising 

Offline advertising is important for a multi-touch approach for user attribution. Using highly targeted kiosks in Hell's Kitchen (where a large part of Chappy's demographic lives), we created eye-catching advertising aiming to woo new users (and retain loyal ones).

When designing the posters, we wanted to quickly catch a passerby's attention. We did this by using bold copy, simple design, and a strong CTA to download at the bottom. 

Don't be a D*ck Campaign

We created an influencer campaign with apparel for our "Don't Be a Dick" motto - our zero tolerance policy for discrimination and prejudice. Influencers and users were vying for these tee's.

Magazine Article

This advertorial was circulated in W42ND ST, a magazine for Hell's Kitchen locals. It showcased some of our diverse users along with their personalities and date night favorites - something new in the gay dating space. 

Flyering + Download Cards

For Uncover (acquired by Velocity) we experimented with different offline hacks such as localized flyering and in-person download cards.

We centered our flyering campaign via neighborhoods where our most popular restaurants/users lived.

For in-person cards, we partnered with popular restaurants to place download cards on each plate before diners arrived. Promo codes were later added in once our app had the functionality for it. I worked with our designer to make sure both layouts included our value prop (most coveted restaurants), press, and the easy ability to pay + book within the app.