I have 7+ years of experience in storytelling and product marketing.  While I'm currently most proud of my personal blog, I have also been responsible for working with several tech companies on the following:

  • Creating and designing blogs

  • Email marketing

  • Developing CRM/Lifecycle plans for user engagement

  • Product development and app copy

  • Branding & Taglines

  • Whitepapers

  • Webinars

Thirty Waves

A simultaneous blog + podcast, Thirty Waves aims to be a resource for thirty-something women navigating their dating lives and and practicing self-actualization (aka becoming the best version of themselves). Make sure to click on the hamburger icon to read my recent posts or listen to my iTunes podcast here. 

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Email Marketing 

From "99 Problems But A Res Ain't One" to a"Give Me S'more" dessert campaign, I have years of experience creating engaging and original emails with high open rates and CTR's. I've also worked with product teams to build CRM and Lifecycle systems to engage and retain new users via email, push, and in-app messaging. 


  • Solid background using email marketing tools focusing on deliverability optimization and metrics that increase engagement

  • Proven experience developing cross-channel marketing plans

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Advertising Copy with Strong CTA's

I have an extensive background creating digital ads from mobile app installs to display advertising (see my digital advertising examples).

My top priority is always having a strong CTA and clear copy for any NEW user to understand our exact value prop and WHY they should use our product. 


onboarding + in-app copy 

I've worked with product teams to create clear in-app onboarding registration as well as in-app copy. Here is an example of copy I wrote for a restaurant featured in the Velocity app. 



I've written many advertorials and articles that appeal to audiences by coming across as very organic. The key is to add real value in each article (find users' pain points) and not come across as overly "salesy".