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Cliche, but these have been reccomended by my celebrity makeup artist friends, and they know their sh*t. I always make sure to buy items that also last a long time so they are worth the investment.

My makeup philosophy is to look naturally beautiful. And sometimes sexy. I want to highlight and define my cheekbones, make my eyes POP, and skin look smooth and young all year long.

From expensive beauty counter buys to drugstore secrets, I've tried and tested allllll the brands. Through trial and error, and spending 1/4 of my life in Sephora, SpaceNK, Nordstrom, and are 10 products that I can't live without. 

I’ve perfected a simple 10 item makeup bag and will tell you how the order for how I apply them:

1. Beauty Blender

After my skincare routine, I grab my beauty blender. To be very honest, I've only started using one this summer. I've always used my fingers to dab on product and thought it did a fine enough job...until, I used one of these suckers.

All I can say is wow, it’s worth the hype

All I can say is wow, it's worth the hype. Your pores appear smaller, skin looks dewier, and it's a lot less thick/cakey and even on your skin. 

Beauty Blender: $20

2. Garnier BB Cream miracle skin perfector


Garnier BB Cream: $10-13

True to it's name, it IS a skin perfector. It's also made with mineral pigments (think pretty reflector particles) and has SPF 20. 

if you don’t believe me, even vogue says so too.

As I've said before, my best friend is a celebrity makeup artist. She's tested every single high to low end makeup product for the past 15 years. She's tried Nars, Chanel, MAC, Smashbox, Dior, Bobbi Brown...and Garnier is the hand-down-winner. If you don't believe me, even Vogue says so too

It's available in person at any drugstore or Amazon or:

3. best natural eye shadow palette (from day to night)

This is the best natural eyeshadow color I've ever come across, and if you have green/blue/hazel eyes you'll love it. . It's a buttery matte that blends SO well, and the more you put on (the one on the right) it darkens.

This stuff is bizarre because it makes you eye color pop, even though it looks super light.

During the days I literally just do one little swab of the left color, add mascara, and I'm set! If you want a smokier look, take any dark shadow and this will blend really well with it. It's hard to find but if you order from they have free shipping. It'll also last you 2+ at least. 

Nars Portobello duo: $35

4. Baremineral Powder Foundation


BareMinerals foundation: $29.50

I've used this stuff since I was 18 and probably will never change. It's super light weight but smoothes out your skin. It mattifies but also has mineral pigments (hence the name).

Feels like a cream and buffs on like silk, giving skin a natural luminosity... as if you are not wearing any makeup.

I've always worn the color medium which is not too light and can be worn in winter AND summer. In warmer months or on vacation I use a lighter amount and put more bronzer on. P.s. there’s a reason why queen-bee supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley just became their spokesperson.

5. best bronzer and blush - hoola 

Hoola is the best contouring/tan bronzer. It's more of a brown/olive color than orange which is key. I place it on the outer bridge of my nose, cheekbones, temples, and forehead.


The Coralista Blush is also the most perfect shade to grace your cheeks I've ever seen. I literally went around with a gal at Sephora and tested 10 different peach blushes, and nothing came close to getting to this amazing shade. Worth the investment and it'll also last you over a year when used every day. 

6. Eyeliner

Trish McEvoy Gel Eyeliner: $30

Trish McEvoy is a new but favorite brand for makeup. I put this in my inner upper eye lid. It sounds weird but it lines where your mascara goes and creates a * pop * effect.

my eyes have never looked greener and i never ever see a smudge.

It makes my lashes appear thicker without having to do a heavy line of eyeliner on my lid. Super natural looking and just brings out the color of my eyes. 

7. Mascara

From Chanel to 20+ different drugstore brands, this is the VERY BEST and what a lot of the pros use.

It makes your lashes really thick (I have long thin ones) without being clumpy in the slightest.

It also stays on all day and DOES NOT smear on your bottom lashes perfect for all-day or a night out. I don’t care if I was give a $100 Chanel mascara, I’d still use this.

You can buy it at any drugstore or:


Loreal Volumnious Mascara: $5.50

8. Eyebrows 

Anastasia Brow Wiz: $23

It's probably the most famous eyebrow brand for a reason. I'm a slave to Anastasia. It sadly goes by fast (every 2-3 months), but it lasts all day and creates the perfect shape and fills in the brows. I shape with the defined pencil and brush up the hairs to create a thicker look. I only use "Soft Brown" as it's less red and more of a brown color than the others.

I also use their eyebrow pomade (called Dipbrow) that is a sort of putty that fills in some gaps and makes them appear thicker. It's also waterproof so everything stays on for 12+ hrs or one sweaty dance night.

9. Highlighter 

The best makeup secret I've ever ever learned is to use highlighter in 3 PLACES.

In the inner corners of your eyes (just a dab), the bridge of your nose, AND THE MOST IMPORTANT...the v part of your lip.

there isn’t a single model of famous makeup-artist that doesn’t do this trick.

It creates a super dewy and natural look. Becca is the best brand in my opinion..the perfect highlight color (not to too gold or pink).

Becca Glow Set: $20

10. Extras 

A few other makeup extras that I use for a fun date night or mix up my routine are:


Charlotte Tilbury: $22

Best rose colored lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury in Pin Up Pink 

Get it here 

Gold eyeliner:

Trish MceVoy Eyeshadow Liner in Topaz. (I place this on the lower inside lashes and the gold makes my green eyes shimmer.

Get it here


Trish Mcevoy Eyeshadow Liner: $34

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