The Only Natural Deodorant I've Ever Liked


and why regular deodorants are getting a bad rap.

I’ve tried half a dozen natural deodorants over the years. And all of them sucked.

They never worked - smell wise and sweat wise. I gave up on trying to find one that did.

I had been hearing for years about the concern for antiperspirant’s cancer-causing ingredients, but I wasn’t really sold. Then I listed to a podcast a few months ago that had a “plausible” scientific explanation for why they’re potentially dangerous. There wasn’t concrete scientific proof but a lot of people were talking about it…

As I listened to the episode, it finally clicked.

Every day I was shaving my underarms, probably having microscopic tears in my skin, and then putting aluminum and other chemicals close to my glands and lymph nodes. The part of your body that regulates and dictates hormones and your immune system. I had never thought about it that way?! Doing this 365 times a year could maybe have a harmful impact?

Then I heard about this new natural deodorant brand MYRO, it had a 16,000 person waitlist, and beauty magazines were raving about it. It’s for men and women. And it was $10.

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 20.28.59.png

“It’s free of aluminum, parabens, random chemicals, and baking soda, animal-testing… AND it’s actually plant-based mixed with essential oils.”

a plant-based deodorant?

Their website is fun. The first step is choosing an environmentally-friendly and reusable free pastel case. The deodorant is refillable and pops right in it.

It’s free of aluminum, parabens, random chemicals, and baking soda, free from animal testing, AND it’s actually plant-based mixed with essential oils.

Second, choose from one of their 5 amazing scents.

I’ve always loved the smell of men’s musky deodorants, and their BIG DIPPER has vetiver and bergamot in it that make it smell similar. It also has lavender oil so there’s still a feminine edge.

The scent is also released over time.

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 20.28.41.png

I’ve been using it for over a month, and here’s what happened:

After week one, I was already impressed.

I noticed that it goes on slightly wet, (as if it melts when it touches your skin). But it dries within a minute or two. The website says you have to be patient and let your body’s microbes get used to using the new formula… makes sense. So they recommend using it twice a day for the first few weeks.

Personally, after two weeks I only needed to use it once a day. It’s not going to be something that lasts 24 hours, but it works well for your average 12 hour time-frame.

it’s been over a month, but after week one, I was already impressed.

it keeps you pretty dry.

There is a difference between a deodorant AND an anti-perspirant. One keeps you from sweating by clogging your sweat pores, and one prevents you from smelling.

MYRO does have natural “barley powder” in it that helps with the sweat, so in a way, it does both but on a more natural level.

It has the natural ingredient ‘barley powder’ that helps prevent sweat and keeps you dry.

No yellow stains

Another amazing thing about MYRO is that you won’t get discolored underarm stains on your favorite white t-shirts. Aluminum is the ingredient that typically causes them, and again, it’s free of that!


I highly recommend switching to MYRO for your daily routine. Why not make one easy and healthy improvement for your future?

You’ll feel better about reducing your carbon footprint and you’ll LOVE its scent.

P.S. On very active days that I really need a strong anti-perspirant I may use my regular deodorant, but for the most part, I’m now au naturale.