Hair Products That'll Change Your World


One magical evening in London, I met the Queen’s Hairdresser.

I was introduced to him at an event for work. Fabulously dressed (and tipsy), he started chatting my ear off.

“Okay, be honest. How many times do you get to hang out with HRH - Her Royal Highness?”

“Every week, darling! I’ve been doing so for decades. Mixed with a ton of other celebrities.”

“Well then, you must tell me…what’s your number one hair secret you swear by after all of these years?”


As I tried to repeat this crazy sounding word, he continued to tell me about this new hair technology that basically re-builds and strengthens the hair shaft like nothing that’s been done before.

So, obviously, it’s been my hair secret ever since, and I can’t wait to tell you about it.

I also have other favorite products that prevent breakage when styling, the best dry shampoo I use for volume, cream that keeps your ends from looking frizzy and greasy, and most importantly, my favorite hair wand I’ll never stop using.

Let’s get this straight…my natural hair is VERY THIN, STRINGY, PRONE TO DAMAGE, FRIZZY, AND CURLY. I hated my hair for 25 years until I learned to embrace my waves.

Here are 8 things I swear by to keep my hair as long and healthy as possible:

  1. Olaplex No 3. (hair Mask)

Olaplex no. 3: $28

Olaplex has been the first major shift in my hair routine in the past 10 years, or really, my lifetime.

this is one of the only chemically proven products that repairs the bonds in your hair shaft and truly makes it healthier and stronger.

Leave this mask on for 20 + minutes to a few hours ONCE A WEEK and your hair will feel instantly shiny and stronger.

When I use this, my hair has the same glossy texture as if I just walked out of the hair salon. You know that feeling?!

P.S. I’ve been using this for almost two years and have never had longer hair!

2. OlaPlex Shampoo + Conditioner

Olaplex no 4. “bond maintenance” Shampoo: $28

Olaplex no 5. “bond maintenance” Conditioner: $28

The life changing brand just came out with a shampoo and conditioner this past fall. I used to be a slave to the “best” high-end shampoo/conditioners like Oribe or Kerastase and this kicks BOTH of their butts because you notice the difference right away and it’s restorative.

This shampoo repairs and protects hair from everyday stresses including damaged hair, split ends, and frizz - by re-linking broken bonds.

It lathers like crazy and has an amazing spa scent. Your hair literally feels stronger the moment you get out of the shower and when you’re styling it there is SUCH a noticeable difference. Not to mention, it’ll be silky AF.

3. kerastase ciment thermique

Ciment Thermique: $37

I’ve used this since my early 20’s. It’s the best blowdry primer and heat protector I’ve ever come across. WHY? Because it doesn’t leave the “product feeling” in your hair.

It’s light weight but tames frizz and feels like it closes cuticles to make your hair stronger.

I also really like the smell. The site says it also uses these high-end ingredients:

  • Vita-ciment: Recreates the intercellular cement, strengthening the hair fiber from the inside. 

  • Vita-topseal: Resurfacing active ingredients which recreates the hair's natural external protective layer.

4. Dove Volume Dry Shampoo

Dove Volume Dry Shampoo: $4.39

I reallyyyyy love this dry shampoo. I especially use it when I’m curling my hair for an added volume trick! I’ll admit, if there’s another brand in front of me like Batiste I’ll still use it. But, I suggest you give this a try and you’ll probably make the switch.

True to its name, it really does create more volume than the other brands.

It feels slightly heavier so if you have thick hair, it soaks up grease better.

And if it’s thin, you’ll notice more volume.

Pro Tip: Spray underneath your hair at the roots and along your crown. Use sparingly on the top part so it doesn’t look too dry or chalky like dry shampoos tend to.

5. Sultra Bombshell Hair Wand

Sultra Bombshell: $69.99

I’ve had this wand for about 10 years. It used to be way more expensive but because the market is saturated, its gone down in price #winning.

It’s ceramic and is as “good” for your hair as a hair iron can get. I’ve bought more expensive hair wands (like the Beachwaver for $200) and it didn’t hold a candle to the Sultra.

This is the only hair wand I’ve liked in the past 10 years. I even splurged and got a “Beachwaver” which was supposed to be the best and this beats it, hands down.

I first spray dry shampoo underneath my roots for volume (see my favorite above). Then I wrap 1-2 inch chunks around it leaving a few inches on the bottom free (always in the direction away from my face). Voila!

6. oribe split end tamer

oribe split end tamer: $48

oribe split end tamer

I discovered this last year and was literally WOWED that it didn’t make my ends feel greasy. I’ve always had a hard time finding a product that masks damage or split ends. This does that and repairs.

it’s a cream so the ends aren’t left feeling greasy and seem to look healthier on the spot!

When you’re done styling, put a dab of on the ends and your hair will look healthier. If you curled them, the curls will look better and perfectly separated.

7. Anti-aging repair overnight serum

CAVIAR Anti-Aging® Restructuring Bond Repair Overnight Serum: $40

If you like the concept of an overnight hair mask that you can use mutliple times a week, this is it!

Along with using Olaplex once a week, I wanted a hair mask to retain moisture and build the bonds in my hair more regularly. When I went to Sephora and took home a few products to test, this was the best.

It helps reconstruct damaged hair while you sleep and smells amazing. I actually look forward to using it before I go to bed!

I typically use this the night before I’m styling my hair/have a date or event. Make sure to wear a silk head wrap when using (see below) so it really soaks into your hair. For best results, I’d recommend using it 2-3 times per week. 

8. Silke london hair wrap

silke head wrap: $60

This is the most chic sleep head wrap I’ve ever seen.

Perhaps this might be your first step to really prevent breakage. Think about it, you’re sleeping for 8 hours a night tossing and turning. Moving your head from one side to the other. It’s no wonder that I’ve always had breakage on the back of my crown…to the point where it sometimes looked like I had just cut really short layers?!

I’ve used silk pillow cases but think this does a better job.

A sleep cap makes sure your hair is secure overnight. It’s also awesome for when you put in an overnight hair mask (like above) to really soak in the product. This is the most stylish version I’ve found. P.S. If you’re looking for a cheaper version to first test it out, get one on amazon below.