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5 Red Flags You’re Wasting Time

If you’re having doubts, then you’re probably ignoring the main red flags in a doomed relationship and are wasting your time. Let’s start a countdown with the 5 Biggest Red Flags that’ll help you decipher if someone is really into you…

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Dating App 101: If You Hate Them, You’re Doing It Wrong.

With a never ending supply of good looking men and women in your pocket, can these virtual rolodexes lead to quality relationships? Hopefully, this article will get you to think differently about dating apps. Whether you’re brand new to them or have despised them for years, this is your DATING APP 101. In 10-mini chapters, I’ll tell you a few tips for how you should craft your profile, which two apps are my favorite, real-life funny stories, and my least favorite opening line.

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