The Two Most ZEN things you can do in NYC

Solely from my Instagram, it might look as though fashion or a night out takes precedence over other interests in my life. However, focusing on my emotional and “spiritual” well-being is one of my biggest passions. Although I enjoy spending much of my time diving into the psychology of what makes people tick or navigating the technology filled/complex world of dating in 2018, I also spend much of time on self-actualization and growth. I’m a firm believer that for us to be our happiest and healthiest selves, we must “work out” our minds as often our bodies. Mediation helps you do just that. I’ve explored many studios in the city but these stand out as my two absolute fav ZEN activities in New York…

Woom center: an immersive sound experience

…it’s like going to the spa for your soul.

1.Woom Center SOUND BATH

The WOOM Center Sound Bath (sometimes called WOOM Gong) is a “full mind/body/spirit experience” according to the Founder. I started going when I first moved here and it’s my favorite sound meditation in the city. It’s located right on the Bowery, on the edge of SoHo.

What it is

Lay for 60 minutes with the most comfortable pillows, blankets, scents, and immerse yourself in a sound bath - a spa like experience where you listen and feel sound from head to toe. Ancient musical instruments and gongs will help you go into a state of meditation that can help improve sleep, stress, and cleanse your mind. Even if you’re not “woo-woo” or usually into this stuff, you’ll like it (even my bro-y guy friends agree). I go when I want to have an emotional re-set, or start my week off with more clarity. I seriously hope everyone in NYC tries this at least once as I can’t recommend it enough!


$25 for a drop-in OR use Classpass and it’s usually only 7-8 credits.

It’s hard to explain, but I didn’t even know listening to music and vibrations could feel good. but i completely felt different after going.

MNDFL: The first “meditation” bar

…and the best spot for stressed out New Yorkers.


This place is deemed one of the first “meditation bars” in the country. It’s been featured in everything from this New York Times article, “So you think you can’t meditate?” to Vogue’s exposé on the, must-visit meditation studio” in NYC.

With real moss and plant life, gorgeous brick walls, and a huge skylight, it’ll take your breath away. I fell in love the first minute I was there. They have three locations: one downtown in Greenwich Village, one in Williamsburg, and one Uptown.

What it is

It’s honestly great for all levels and is the ideal (perhaps more mainstream) place to go if you’re newly curious about meditation or just starting. That said, if you’re more advanced it’s run by “shavasana pros” so you’ll still really dig it. They have two of the most beautiful (and need I say most instagrammable) rooms in the city. Classes vary from 30-45 mins and have different themes based on your MOOD. I’m a marketer at heart and appreciate the catchiness of picking an intention for your meditation. The class themes are:

breath · intention · sound · sleep · emotions · heart · mantra · energy · listening


$10 for your first class and it comes with free gourmet tea :)

It’s so welcoming that they actually shake your hand when you check-in...aka you won’t feel like you’re just a number. There’s also a free gourmet tea bar that you can enjoy before or after class.

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