The Verge

Tired of dating? This is about vulnerability, rejection, and the really hard part about being single when you're 30. Read this if you've ever experienced the following, and keep it as a reminder if you're having one of "those weeks". 

I Haven't Been in Love in 7 Years

There's ONE mistake that's prevented me from falling in love. 

Here's the difference between love and being "in love", a brief history of the last time I was, the root of why people settle, why we analyze relationships vs. go with our guts AND how god damn technology prevents us from finding it. 

It's Back, but Better.

It's not a blog that has a goal to tell you the right way to date. I'm presently single, so that feels hypocritical. IT’S ABOUT TURNING 30. It's about a woman never wondering, "What if?" because she's tried almost everything.